V10 Best Crypto Apps For Beginners

10 Best Crypto Apps For Beginners

10 Best Crypto Apps For Beginners – In the last decade, cryptocurrencies have gained considerable popularity among Indonesian traders and investors as a profitable and promising currency. Not surprisingly, many novice traders are trying to find ways to get crypto and trade it like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. Yes, although it is still controversial in the community, now there are dozens of the best crypto applications managed by both local and foreign brokers.

And as a novice trader, you must be confused about the choice of the right crypto trading app for you. But don’t worry, here we will summarize 10 crypto applications that are considered the best and most popular for all of you. Here is the review:

1. Binance

Since its introduction in 2017, Binance can be considered as one of the best crypto apps of the year. Headquartered in Malta, this crypto trading app is regulated by a number of regulatory bodies that regulate local exchanges by brand and technology

So far, Binance has provided various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc. with a minimum purchase of 0.0001BTC with a 1% fee for all transactions. This application is very simple to use by beginners where the mobile version can be downloaded for free for Android and IOS.

Kelebihan Binance:

  1. Able to process crypto buying and selling transactions quickly
  2. Have a friendly and professional customer service team
  3. Have high enough liquidity

Kekurangan Binance:

  1. Although it offers many types of crypto, it is not so complete compared to competing applications.
  2. Does not provide a comprehensive daily market analysis of the crypto situation on the global market.

2. Coinbase

Founded in 2012 in America, Coinbase is a reliable crypto trading application because it is easy to use with simple features. This application, which can be downloaded for free on Google Play and Apple Store, trades Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc, with a minimum purchase starting from $25.

Oh yes, Coinbase charges a fee, which is 0.25% for takers, and 0% for makers and has provided Indonesian for its official website.

Advantages of Coinbase:

  1. Has a professional interface
  2. Considered to have high enough liquidity
  3. Provides a fairly complete variety of cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase Disadvantages:

  1. There are high fees for traders who do not use a Coinbase Pro account
  2. Traders cannot control their crypto wallet keys

3. Etoro

Etoro, a trading broker, has launched a crypto trading application that is considered one of the best today. This broker was founded in 2007 and has obtained its license from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Financial Conduct Authority. Based on user experience, the Etoro application is very easy to use and can be downloaded for free for Android and IOS.

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To date, Etoro charges a minimum deposit requirement of $200 and a 0% commission fee for shares and very low spread fees, and provides more than 36 types of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple etc.

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Advantages of Etoro broker:

  1. Provides professional copytrading facilities suitable for novice traders
  2. Provides various types of popular cryptocurrencies and is quite complete.

Disadvantages of Etoro brokers:

  1. Requires a minimum deposit which is quite high when compared to other brokers.
  2. The data verification and withdrawal process is a bit slow

4. Mitrade

This international award-winning Mitrader broker was founded in 2011 in Australia. Mitrade has obtained its license from 2 global regulatory bodies, namely the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA). The Mitrade crypto application is very easy to use which offers quite complete and uncomplicated features, and has an attractive and elegant design, very suitable for anyone and even for novice traders in Indonesia.

So far, Mitrade provides a number of popular Crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc with a minimum deposit of $50. Moreover, one of the most recommended brokers in this year charges very small fees and 0 commissions. You can download the Mitrade application on Google Play and the Apple Store.

Mitrade broker advantages:

  1. Equipped with application features that are very complete and suitable for beginners
  2. The trading platform displays the value of Bitcoin in Rupiah
  3. The platform is designed very elegantly and stunning

Disadvantages of Mitrade broker:

  1. Traders do not have real crypto coins because trading is done with the concept of Contract for Differences (Cfds).
  2. Provides limited types of cryptocurrencies compared to other applications.

If you are curious about all the conveniences and facilities offered by this safe and reliable Mitrade broker, then please read the article about the Mitrade review from easylabur.

5. Kraken

Introduced to the public in 2011, the Kraken application has its headquarters in America and has obtained operational licenses from Fincen, USA and Fintrac, Canada. This application charges a minimum purchase of 0.000002 XBT with fees for takers and makers between 0% to 0.26%.

Kraken has trading features that are quite complete and easy to use which you can download for free on Google Play and the Apple Store. This application provides a very complete variety of crypto money, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash etc.

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Benefits of the Kraken application:

  1. Also provides trading with fiat money
  2. Offers a fairly good level of fund security
  3. Charging trading fees is quite affordable.
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Disadvantages of the Kraken application:

  1. Difficult to register and have experienced cyber attacks
  2. Have an unprofessional customer service team

6. Door

Pintu is a local crypto trading app that can be considered one of the best and most popular. Founded in 2000 in Indonesia, the Pintu application has obtained an operational license from CoFTRA. The application looks simple and is suitable for novice traders which can be downloaded on Google Play and Apple Store.

The Pintu application charges a minimum purchase of crypto coins of IDR 22,000 and does not charge any fees or 0% for both makers and takers. Pintu provides a number of popular cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin.

Door application advantages:

  1. Offers a fairly fast registration and data verification process
  2. The trading features are uncomplicated, and very easy to learn
  3. There are not many costs to be incurred, for example, the cost of depositing and withdrawing funds is only Rp. 4500.

Disadvantages of Door application:

  1. Although the features are not complicated, they are considered incomplete
  2. Only has a level of liquidity that is not too high

7. Indodax

Indodax is one of the most reliable local crypto trading applications today. Founded in 2014 in Indonesia, Indodax already has an operational license from CoFTRA. Exactly the same as the Pintu application, the Indodax application has a fairly simple appearance and is considered suitable for novice traders.

You can download this application for free on Google Play and Apple Store, where Indodax charges a minimum purchase of IDR 50,000 only, 0.3% taker fee and 0% maker fee. Compared to the Pintu application, Indodax provides more than 64 types of crypto currency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, XRP etc.

Advantages of Indodax application:

  1. Traders can have real crypto coins
  2. A local application that provides all services in Indonesian
  3. Provides quite a number of cryptocurrencies

Disadvantages of Indodax application:

  1. The official website is difficult to access
  2. Long term investment and not short term trading is recommended using this app

8. Account Ku

Founded in 2018 in Indonesia, the Akuku app can be an attractive option for crypto trading. The application has been regulated by CoFTRA with a minimum purchase of IDR 100,000 only and each taker and maker fee is 0.1%. This app is easy to use because its features are very simple.

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So far, my account application provides a number of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Algorand etc., and the application can be downloaded for free and quickly on Google Play and the Apple Store.

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Advantages of the My Account application:

  1. All local banks are available to support deposit and withdrawal processes
  2. 24/7 customer service available, including holidays
  3. Ensuring the security of funds is good enough with Cold Storage technology

Disadvantages of the My Account application:

  1. Offers a complicated KYC process
  2. Sometimes it’s hard to contact the customer service

9. Tokocrypto

Introduced in 2017, the Tokocrypto app is a local cryptocurrency app suitable for novice traders. Tokocrypto has simple features that are quite complete which are regulated by CoFTRA. This application charges a minimum purchase of 0.0000001 BTC and a fee for takers of 0.2% and 0% for takers.

Although relatively new, Tokocrypto offer various types of money crypto complete enough like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether etc. If interested, you can download it for free on Google Play and the Apple Store.

The advantages of the Tokocrypto application:

  1. Provide all services in Indonesian
  2. Offers a fairly small transaction fee
  3. Suitable for beginner traders who prioritize convenience

Disadvantages of the Tokocrypto application:

  1. So far, it is known that it only offers Bitcoin and Ethereum
  2. Has a very small level of liquidity, compared to other local applications.

10. Moon

One of the best crypto trading apps was founded in 2013 in Singapore. Even though it is a foreign application, Luno is already regulated by CoFTRA. This application charges a minimum purchase of IDR 15,000 only and charges a maker fee that is free and a taker fee starts from 0.3%.

Luno provides several well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin etc., and has a pretty good and elegant appearance that can be downloaded via Google Play and Apple Store for free.

Advantages of Luno application:

  1. Offers a very fast registration, verification and withdrawal process
  2. Provides 2-factor authentication to ensure account security
  3. Can join the Luno community to discuss crypto

Disadvantages of the Luno application:

  1. Slightly limited crypto currency options available
  2. When compared to local apps, Luno charges higher transaction fees.

Well, that’s a brief review of the 10 recommended crypto trading applications for this year that we consider the best and most suitable for beginner traders in Indonesia.

Happy trading and good luck!