6 Best and Trusted Cloud Mining Sites for Bitcoin Mining

6 Best and Trusted Cloud Mining Sites for Bitcoin Mining

6 Best and Trusted Cloud Mining Sites for Bitcoin Mining – Bitcoin is currently getting more and more enthusiasts globally or in the Indonesian region, the price that continues to rise is what makes many people start to switch to investing their money in Cryptocurrencies.

At the beginning of November 2020, the price of 1 Bitcoin was already Rp. 168.5 million, while on October 3, 2021 it rose drastically to reach the price of Rp. 685.3 million per 1 Bitcoin. Even on April 7, 2021, the price had touched the figure of Rp. 815.1 million per Bitcoin.

From this data, we can already see that Cryptocurrency can be a promising investment opportunity, although there are still risks. So be wise in investing investment, do good research and analysis in order to get big profits.

When it comes to crypto investing, cryptocurrency trading is the choice of most people. But you have to learn a lot of things and analyze well. There is another way that you can do, namely by mining in cloud mining. Well, below are 5 of the best and most trusted cloud mining sites to mine Bitcoin with ease.

What Is Cloud Mining

Before going into the recommendation of a bitcoin cloud mining site, it’s a good idea to know the meaning of cloud mining and how it works.

Cloud Mining is a process of mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without having to buy hardware, so here you will use a remote data service provider. In other words, you are mining bitcoin virtually.

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How to use the Cloud Mining service to mine bitcoins indirectly means that you don’t have to spend a lot of electricity because you run a CPU power device. It is enough to rent a service from a cloud mining provider site

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Advantages of Using Cloud Mining:

  1. No need to know in detail about Hardware mining
  2. No need to buy expensive CPUs and computers
  3. No need to spend big electricity costs
  4. No need to listen to noise and heat in the mining process

if you already understand and decide to invest through cloud mining, then the next step is to study the character of each of the following cloud mining sites. There are at least 6 trusted and best Cloud Mining Sites that we have compiled from the Magic investment platform and several other sources. Well, for more details, you can see the following:

6 Trusted Cloud Mining Sites

Deciding to join a bitcoin cloud mining service is indeed better than this recommendation, photo: cybersecobservatory.com

IQ Mining

IQ Mining is one of the most trusted Cloud Mining providers which has been proven by many users who commented positively on the best services provided to their clients.

The right choice for choosing an IQ Mining Site for beginners who want to invest in Bitcoin by mining in cloud mining, because there is no need to be an expert in the crypto world. Just verify your account and follow the procedure that has been created, then you can start mining Bitcoin.

Another advantage of the IQ Mining service is that its clients are protected by a Smart Contract in which the features in it can get price prediction information.

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Bitcoin Pool

This Bitcoin Pool Cloud Mining site is provided directly by Bitcoin.com which is their goal to present the most complete and trusted cloud mining service.

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From some of the advertisements they spread, this Bitcoin Pool provides the largest Pay Per Share (PPS) globally and there is also a block reward of 98 percent.

How to use the Cloud Mining service from Bitcoin Pool is also quite easy, it takes a short time to start bitcoin mining activities on this service.

This Bitcoin Pool site provides 2 options for mining, namely Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or Bitcoin Core (BTC). In addition, you can also view mining activities through the application, be it on Android or iOS devices.


Hashnet is a Cloud Mining service provider that has been around since 2013, founded by Bitmain and became one of the first companies to provide mining services using cloud mining methods and can be used for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, to Zcash.

It is certain that Hashnet is the best and most trusted cloud mining site in its class and has the advantage of hosting a number of miner brands, such as M21S, M20S, Antiminer S17, Whatsminer, S15, Z11 and many others.

Bitcoin Train

Furthermore, there is Bitcointrain which is present as a cloud mining site with several service options related to cryptocurrencies. The advantage of this site is that you don’t need to spend large funds at the beginning and the duration of the contract offered can start from 1 year.

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This Bitcoin Train will provide profitability generated as much as 0.5 percent.

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There is also a Shamining site that provides an extra investment bonus of up to 37 percent. This British Cloud Mining service provider shares its processing Hash power with more than 17,000 clients from various countries.

The data center of the Shamining site is located in 3 locations, namely the UK, South Africa and Southern California. There are 4 excellent features of Shamining, namely:

  • Minimal Deposit $250
  • 1.43X average earnings multiplier
  • Instant Payouts (can make withdrawals at any time)
  • Over 17,000 Crypto Investors from 2018

To create a Shamining account is also quite easy, create an account and verify your identity, deposit and start mining, then earn huge income.


Finally, there is the Gminers site which can be an option for those of you who are looking for Cloud Mining services. Unlike the others, in Gminers you can start mining bitcoins without buying hardware.

Gminers also ensures its clients get high profitability from the Cloud Mining they provide. With just a $250 deposit, you can start mining bitcoins.

Those are the 6 best and most trusted cloud mining sites that we can use as an alternative to investing in addition to crypto trading that requires you to be an expert in analysis. But still, that in the investment world there are risks, you can reduce the risk smaller by choosing the right investment place.