The Right Way to Invest Online Stocks For Beginners To Keep Money

The Right Way to Invest Online Stocks For Beginners To Keep Money

The Right Way to Invest Online Stocks For Beginners To Keep Money – Today’s online stock investment makes it easy for everyone to transact. Just at home, supported by a Smartphone or Laptop/computer with an Internet connection, can do stock transactions.

Investing in stocks online seems to have become a trend among millennials who are indeed more active with smartphones for their activities. Even though it has a fairly high risk (High Risk), there are still more and more enthusiasts because they think that following this Online Stock Investment can get big profits in a short time.

Easy Ways to Start Investing Stocks Online

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Starting an online stock investment doesn’t require a lot of capital, just with a starting capital of IDR 100,000 you can start buying shares. This is perfect for beginners who want to directly buy stocks for real, but it would be nice to know the tips and tricks to start investing in stocks online easily:

Understand the Basic Knowledge of Stocks

Before starting to dive into the world of Online Stock Investment, it’s a good idea to understand the basics of stock investing, starting from what stocks are, how to analyze them to how to make transactions.

Shares are a piece of proof of ownership of a company whose value has been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). So stock investment means buying shares of a company, which after buying the shares, you are absolutely one of the owners of the company and can get dividends or share company profits.

Open a Stock Account at Sekuritas

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You can’t make a stock sale and purchase transaction if you don’t have an account in securities, so to start, you must first create a stock/securities account at a securities company and make sure it’s registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Perform Analysis Before Transaction

This is an important thing in determining whether to buy the company’s shares or not, because by doing an analysis beforehand you can predict when is the best time to buy the shares or sell them.

There are 2 kinds of analysis techniques that are usually done when investing in online stocks, namely technical and fundamental analysis.

Stock Transaction

Market trends, fluctuations in JCI movements, company profiles, company liquidity levels, returns from shareholder investments, and earnings per share growth are important things to consider when buying shares. The best time to make profit taking / selling shares is when the stock price is rising.

Learn Stock Investment Strategy

This is the factor you get hundreds to thousands of percent of profits. Currently, many stock experts share their strategies when they want to start buying and selling shares and we can use this for free to follow the strategy.